Never while anything is left of me shall this camp be forgotten. It has fairly grown into me, not merely as memory pictures, but as part and parcel of mind and body alike. -John Muir

Friday, January 28, 2011

tired of snow pictures yet?

too bad. it's still snowing here!! Here's some pics M took on Wednesday.

Our neighbor's driveway... 

Our driveway...also know as our sledding hill. Trees were down everywhere because of all of this snow!!

Another picture of our neighbor's driveway with M's tire tracks before plowing.

The road in front of our place. Again, trees everywhere!

Snowing cats and dogs!

There is a house when you first turn onto our road that has a huge patch of bamboo. When we came home Wednesday the snow was so heavy that the bamboo was bending down over the road. It was terrifying driving through it blindly but hilarious all the same.

Hope you're keeping warm!!

xo Stephanie

Monday, January 24, 2011

cakes and such.

Some pictures of cakes that I took on my phone. Poor quality but you can see some of my favorites!

I love to airbrush cakes! This 1/2 sheet cake is airbrushed and then I used the rose tip to make both the bottom and larger top border.

This was a 3 layer, fresh strawberry filled cake for an order. The airbrushing made it look super tall!

This was for a coworker to surprise her mom. It was done in whipped icing. That stuff is sooo much better to work with than buttercream. It's not lopsided...just the way I was holding the camera...promise. =)

And this cupcake cake is my all time favorite! It's 24 cupcakes. =)

M started his new job today! I got a new jeep today too! Pics soon.
xo Stephanie

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

excursion 12.00.10

Just up the road from us is Valley Falls State Park. I've personally only been there one time before when we were visiting here. Since it's so close, a few weeks before Christmas we had a nice winter day without snow and decided to take a little hike through the woods. There were 2 kayakers there going down some of the larger drops! was SO cold!

Mostly the woods we barren but we did see 2 deer that walked up very close to us. Then not too further up the trail we watched in awe as a coyote ran across the trail in front of us in complete silence. The first time I have seen one in the wild and only the 3rd M has seen...the other 2 being on our property.

We did spot a few patches of fern and moss along the Rhododendron trail. And I'm looking forward to visiting again in the spring and this time I'll make sure to remember my tripod for some shots of the falls.

xo Stephanie

Monday, January 17, 2011

catching up

I know. It's been a while. But we have been busy!

we had some snow...

then we had lots more snow!

we went fourwheeling...

our jeep went for a ride on it's own...

i made lots of cakes...

and a pile-o-mini cupcakes...

had a root canal and M gots a new job that he starts in a few weeks! Shew. That's alot in the few weeks that we've blogged last. OH and you can see that the camper is skirted now...but I think M did that sometime in December.

until next time
xo Stephanie