Never while anything is left of me shall this camp be forgotten. It has fairly grown into me, not merely as memory pictures, but as part and parcel of mind and body alike. -John Muir

Monday, May 23, 2011

an owl update.

Yesterday we went down to watch the female and spotted a juvenile peeking it's head out from their hole. It was very curious, still flully and grey. Then yesterday evening we were there again to see momma, baby in it's hole and yet another male-sized grey phase screech hanging out just a few limbs from momma. We just saw the red phase male the other day so it's a mystery!!

Yesterday we planted a Big Boy tomato plant, some summer squash, cucumber and strawberries. We are trying out the hanging planters (Topsy Turvy) until we decide on a permanent garden location. M also built a 4x4 raised garden bed that we are going to fill this week. This weekend was spent working hard to finish our chores early so we could relax in the afternoon. This place has really came alive with sounds and lush greenery over the last 2 weeks! Our hammock will be worn out by the end of summer!

p.s. We have also recently spotted a Spotted Towhee, Rose-breasted Grosbeak and heard the loudest Whippoorwill ever, many nights.

xo Stephanie

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